Commit cbc5755df6b by Augie Fackler

sslutil: migrate to hashutil.sha1 instead of hashlib.sha1

This is a straight-line replacement like the others, but I split it
out since it's used in a network context and I'm not sure this is
appropriate (we should probably drop support for sha1
fingerprints over TLS) and wanted this to be easily dropped.

Differential Revision:
parent a61287a95dc
......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ from . import (
from .utils import (
......@@ -949,7 +950,7 @@ def validatesocket(sock):
# If a certificate fingerprint is pinned, use it and only it to
# validate the remote cert.
peerfingerprints = {
b'sha1': node.hex(hashlib.sha1(peercert).digest()),
b'sha1': node.hex(hashutil.sha1(peercert).digest()),
b'sha256': node.hex(hashlib.sha256(peercert).digest()),
b'sha512': node.hex(hashlib.sha512(peercert).digest()),
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