Commit 521b4e3a42d by Martin von Zweigbergk

rebase: extract a variable for a repeated `repo[p1]`

I'll add another use site in the next patch.

Differential Revision:
parent 06e7e7652ac
......@@ -1469,11 +1469,12 @@ def rebasenode(repo, rev, p1, base, collapse, dest, wctx):
"""Rebase a single revision rev on top of p1 using base as merge ancestor"""
# Merge phase
# Update to destination and merge it with local
p1ctx = repo[p1]
if wctx.isinmemory():
if repo[b'.'].rev() != p1:
repo.ui.debug(b" update to %d:%s\n" % (p1, repo[p1]))
repo.ui.debug(b" update to %d:%s\n" % (p1, p1ctx))
mergemod.update(repo, p1, branchmerge=False, force=True)
repo.ui.debug(b" already in destination\n")
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