Commit bd22e90c54b by Martin von Zweigbergk

graft: extract repo[None] to a variable

I plan to allow the caller pass in an overlayworkingctx, so this
prepares for that.

Differential Revision:
parent b3ec1ea95ee
......@@ -2605,7 +2605,8 @@ def graft(
# to copy commits), and 2) informs update that the incoming changes are
# newer than the destination so it doesn't prompt about "remote changed foo
# which local deleted".
pctx = repo[b'.']
wctx = repo[None]
pctx = wctx.p1()
mergeancestor = repo.changelog.isancestor(pctx.node(), ctx.node())
stats = update(
......@@ -2634,7 +2635,7 @@ def graft(
repo.setparents(pctx.node(), pother)
# fix up dirstate for copies and renames
copies.duplicatecopies(repo, repo[None], ctx.rev(), base.rev())
copies.duplicatecopies(repo, wctx, ctx.rev(), base.rev())
return stats
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