Commit 84f2becbd10 by Matt Harbison

lfs: rename a variable to clarify its use

This is the response object, not a request.

Differential Revision:
parent 29a110e2776
......@@ -491,22 +491,22 @@ class _gitlfsremote(object):
response = b''
with contextlib.closing( as req:
with contextlib.closing( as res:
ui = self.ui # Shorten debug lines
if self.ui.debugflag:
ui.debug(b'Status: %d\n' % req.status)
ui.debug(b'Status: %d\n' % res.status)
# lfs-test-server and hg serve return headers in different
# order
headers = pycompat.bytestr(
headers = pycompat.bytestr(
ui.debug(b'%s\n' % b'\n'.join(sorted(headers.splitlines())))
if action == b'download':
# If downloading blobs, store downloaded data to local
# blobstore, req), res)
while True:
data =
data =
if not data:
response += data
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