Commit b1cc4289157 by Georges Racinet

Fixed tag Heptapod 0.6.3-2

branch : heptapod-0-6-stable
parent d144eec667e
......@@ -9,4 +9,4 @@ d73ffab8aeb1a41b71366a35e759f80e11de792b heptapod-0.3.0
e8df491c9ef40d2a5fccf74bf7a4526a39eee01a heptapod-0.6.0
0f34099053b472f651265f41f6acf588b52e1981 heptapod-0.6.1
834b8fc51a2e242b89633520047137f0cd9c12e7 heptapod-0.6.2
82938f91a10c8cc77e3c74dade47854685d5a22f 0.6.3-2
82938f91a10c8cc77e3c74dade47854685d5a22f heptapod-0.6.3-2
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